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Family, Religion, and Law. Cultural Encounters in Europe

Author: P. Shah, M.C. Foblets, M. Rohe (eds.)
Isbn: 9781472433152
Pages: 260
Publisher: Ashagate
Publication Place: London
Published/Year: 2014
Category: n\a


This book examines the challenges that arise for practitioners, including lawyers and judges, when faced with such plurality. Focussing on empirical research, the volume presents legal and sociological data of unprecedented comparative depth. It also includes a discussion of how members of minority families respond to the need to organise their legal relationships, and to resolve their disputes in the shadow of official legal systems which differ from those of their familial and communal traditions. The work invites reflection, and demonstrates the urgency and complexity of the questions regarding the search for justice in the field of family life in Europe today.

Table of contents

Preface, Mare-Claire Foblets; Distorting minority laws? Religious diversity and European legal systems, Prakash Shah; Plurality-conscious rebalancing of family law regulation in Europe, Werner Menski; Family and the law in Europe: bringing together secular legal orders and religious norms and needs, Mathias Rohe; On the cooperation between religious and state institutions in family matters: Nordic experiences, Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg; The uniformisation of family law in Europe and the place of ethnic minorities, Domenico Francavilla; Defending the family treasure chest: navigating Muslim families and secured positivistic islands of European legal systems, Federica Sona; Cross-border family cases and religious diversity: what can judges do?, Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg; Secrets and lies: when ethnic minority youth have a nikah, Anika Liversage; ‘Without our church we will disappear’: Syrian Orthodox Christians in diaspora and the family law of the church, Annika Rabo; Religious divorce in England and Wales: religious tribunals in action, Gillian Douglas, Russell Sandberg, Norman Doe, Sophie Gilliat-Ray and Asma Khan; Kurdish ‘unofficial’ family law in the gurbet, Latif Ta?; Index.

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